What is serial port communication?

Serial port communication is simply the transfer of data, bit by bit, between two devices using serial ports. Serial data transfer is most commonly used since the cables required are much less expensive. Every time your computer sends data to a serial printer or transfers files through a modem it is employing serial port communication.

serial communication

Who uses serial port communication?

Everyone who uses computers in some way takes advantage of serial port communication. Programmers often need to write routines that interact with external devices or indeed to write the device drivers themselves. Programming for serial port communication in C# is currently popular with developers. Another language that is used widely is programming serial communication in C.

There are some differences in how serial ports appear on various operating systems. There are also complications involved in programming low-level routines that interact with your serial ports that can be a challenge to mainstream programmers. You may want to enlist some assistance when you need to engage in serial programming for your serial port communication software development project.

Electronic Team, Inc. are experts in serial port communication

Electronic Team, Inc. offers a solution to your serial port programming needs. They are experts at programming serial communication in C and can help you achieve your development goals. With more than 15 years of software development experience, they can solve any issue you run into while you are programming in C# for serial port communication.

When developing a serial communication program, you want professionals who are familiar with the territory and have developed similar applications in the past. Our team of software engineers have a vast knowledge of this programming domain, as can be seen in a sampling of their commercial products. They are ready to assist with projects of any size and complexity.

Electronic Team top serial port communication applications

These serial port communication programs demonstrate the depth of knowledge and technical ability of Electronic Team programmers. Take look at some of the features and functions the team has brought to these applications, and think of what they can do for your project.

Serial Port Monitor - This is an essential tool for those programmers who are developing applications that interact with serial ports. It allows you to monitor, log, and analyze serial ports activity using a user-friendly interface. Using this program will enable you to debug and fine-tune your application much more easily.

Virtual Serial Port Driver - This software application allows you to create virtual pairs of serial ports and transfer data over virtual null modems. Virtual ports appear to your system just as if they were physical ports, and the program allows for easy configuration of your virtual ports.

Serial to Ethernet Connector - Using this program lets you share serial port connections over any network. There are many uses for this product from controlling remote devices to sharing data among your global team.

With these products as a testament to their development prowess, Electronic Team is a great choice for your serial communication programming needs. They have experience on all platforms and will help you bring your C# or C development project to a successful conclusion.