How to use serial communication software

There are two ways to transfer digital data - parallel and serial. The former uses several channels for transmitting data simultaneously, while the latter has a single channel for sending data sequentially one bit at a time. Both methods have their pros and cons. For example, parallel communication is considered to be simpler. Serial method, on the other hand, offers better signal integrity and transmission speed thanks to higher bandwidth of serial wires. Traditionally serial ports are preferred for communication over long distances, the latest trend, however, is to use serial communication for short distances too – the newest serial technologies minimize clock skew, interconnect density and all disadvantages associated with it.

Whenever one transfers data, there is a need to monitor serial ports activity. In case there is a problem, it needs to be identified and solved immediately. Serial Port Monitor from Electronic Team is rs232 communication software that enables monitoring and analyzing data received by serial ports. This is crucial when developing, testing and optimizing applications, drivers and devices.

Serial Port Monitor

Apart from collecting and displaying data for further analysis, this serial communication software has additional functionality such as advanced filtering and search. It also features built-in terminal and offers various options to export data. Thanks to simple interface and intuitive navigation the application is very easy-to-use.

This serial port communication software does not require any additional hardware to perform its functionality.

Advantages offered by Serial Port Monitor (SPM):

  • Collect data

RS232 communication program monitors and collects all data transmitted through serial ports. It can connect to the ports even if they are currently in use, data will be collected and displayed instantaneously in the real time mode.

  • Record data

This serial communication sniffer is capable of intercepting and recording all serial input/output control codes (IOCTLs), Collected data can be redirected to a specified location, and you can always copy it in a clipboard for further use. Monitoring sessions can be saved and you can return to them whenever required.

  • Analyze multiple ports

SPM offers a very special feature – monitoring several ports at a time. Within one session you can see activities of devices connected to multiple ports. Collected data will be recorded in one file on a first-in-first-out basis for easier analysis.

  • View & analyze data

Table, line, dump and terminal are 4 view modes you can choose from. Convenient filters of this serial communication analyzer allow you to view only relevant parameter without having to go through unnecessary data.

  • Simulate transmitting data

In Terminal mode SPM can simulate data transmission to a serial port. The port will recognize it as data sent by the monitored application. String, binary, octal, decimal, hexadecimal and mixed are data formats supported by SPM. This is a way to check how serial devices and applications respond to a certain command or kind of data.

To start logging serial data, you just need to download the application, and you will see all the activity going over your RS232 port.